Marriage is an adventure. It’s filled with moments that make life great. Knowing there is someone who will always be on your team, someone who will always have your back goes a long way in this world. Sure, it’s not all cupcakes and rainbows. It can be challenging at times because you are interacting with another person! Have you ever noticed some marriages just seem better than others? Ever wondered if there is a secret sauce (other than Zaxby’s Sauce of course)? While there is no magic pill, there are 2 things I’ve learned that will make you’re marriage better starting tomorrow.

Know what you’re looking for.

So many times, we’re frustrated because we can’t find what we’re looking for, and we miss the fact that it’s right in front of us. No marriage isn’t all-fulfilling, only God can satisfy you completely. But if you aren’t growing together relationally, it’s time to figure out why. You picked this person, out of everyone on the planet, to marry. Why? Because they were the one you had been looking for. They are still that person. Sometimes it’s hard to see because you get lost in all the dishes, laundry, and bills that get piled up to your ears at times.

Sometimes you’ve just got to sweep all that stuff to the side for a bit, look them in the eyes, and remember why you chose to spend the rest of your life with them. Ask them, “Why did you pick me?” There will be a great conversation that follows. But be warned: If you’re going to ask that question, you had better have a good answer when they ask you the same thing. πŸ™‚

Help each other become the best versions of each other.

Marriage isn’t about changing the other person into you. It’s about helping them become the best version of themselves. God made each of us uniquely, and He did that on purpose. If Abi were like me, the world would be worse off (we joke all the time that the world can only handle one of me) because it would be missing Abi. So my goal as her husband is to help her become the best version of herself that she can possibly be. In order to do that, I have to get to know her. Getting to know someone is a lifelong pursuit. Why? Because there are parts of us that change and grow over time. We never stop becoming, it’s part of being human. So if you want to help your spouse become their best version of themselves, you have to know who they’re becoming. This takes intentional conversations about what they like/dislike, what their goals are, and who they hope to be in the future.

If you’ll do these things, your marriage will be happier. Why? You’ll be satisfied with and in one another, and you’ll be helping each other grow. I pray your marriage is amazing, and I pray you’ll put in the work to make sure it stays that way.

Any other tips for a happy marriage?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, just leave them in the comments below!

Enjoy the Journey